The World's Best Smart Cooker

Cooking made easy with the Mealthy MultiPot

Mealthy Multipot

9-in-1 Programmable Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

Mealthy MultiPot for all your needs:

- Pressure Cook
- Steam
- Yogurt
- Poultry
- Slow Cook
- Saute
- Dessert
- Multigrain

Best Quality Materials:

- 100% BPA Free Plastic & Silicon Parts
- Genuine SS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

LCD screen with cooking progress indicator

5 Years Warranty on Patented PRS & HE (Pressure Regulation System & Heating Element)
1 Year Warranty on Parts.

3 Litres Mealthy MultiPot - Standard Size
For a family size up to 4 people

11250 INR
Online Price
7750 INR

6 Litres Mealthy MultiPot - Large Size
For a family size of 6 to 8 people

14990 INR
Online Price
9990 INR
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