The World's Best Smart Cooker

Cooking made easy with the Mealthy MultiPot

6 Litres Mealthy MultiPot - Large Size
For a family size of 6 to 8 people

9-in-1 Programmable Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

Mealthy MultiPot for all your needs:

- Pressure Cook
- Steam
- Yogurt
- Poultry
- Slow Cook
- Saute
- Dessert
- Multigrain

Best Quality Materials:

- 100% BPA Free Plastic & Silicon Parts
- Genuine SS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

LCD screen with cooking progress indicator

5 Years Warranty on Patented PRS & HE (Pressure Regulation System & Heating Element)
1 Year Warranty on Parts.

14990 INR
Online Price
9990 INR

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Customer Review

A Great Treat for the women on the go

Initially I was skeptical about buying Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1, because I was worried if it would work in India, my husband a gadget freak persuaded me to buy. And I have to say, "WOW" (Neat, Sleek and Fast Gadget). Looks amazing, nothing like this in the Indian market.
I like the ease of cooking and no steaming sounds like other Pressure cookers.
Rice and chicken cooks very fast, not tried slow cook yet.
All together a "Good Buy

- Shine Soman

Innovative and only of its kind

Cooking multiple dishes in a stainless steel pot is unique feature of this product. This is an extremely useful one for a family of four. Nutrition is something that you can experience by using Mealthy Pot. I wish pots inside the base pot is sold as an accessory and BPA-free accessories are avoided.

- Ashwath

One of the best home appliance - Versatile , Convenient & Value for money

Very convenient product , it reduces the participation time to a very large extent , such that we don't have to monitor it constantly like we do with the normal cooking methods . The preset options provided are very convenient and the manual programming is also versatile . Moreover , there is a clear visual graphic indication which shows you the progress of the food being cooked . The design of the appliance is very user friendly and also it is very well suited to Indian style cooking . In fact it is one of the best appliances one can have in their home, especially in a hectic lifestyle with a great value for money.
Only recommendation is that a larger capacity pot would have been better to serve a larger family.

- Deesha

Every household must have one

It's an excellent product and very useful with so many functions. It not only reduced my cooking time drastically but also relieved my tension.
This is a gift given by my daughter to her senior citizen mother to ease cooking tasks!
I am really feeling as if my daughter herself is helping me whenever I use (frankly speaking every day we are using it) this instant pot.

- Subhashini K

A wonderful product that work like a charm.

Its about a month since we got this product from a close relative. I got it delivered to my office and I rushed back home to cook a surprise for my better half. Opened the package and everything was quite intuitive. Spotted a biryani recipe and I adapted it with ingredients in the kitchen for a vegetarian one. The multipot got complements for the tasty and less sticky biryani.
A good thing is the time/program guide, which was helpful for adaptation of our own recipies. So far prepared some veg and chicken biryanis, Dal and Chickpeas preparations. Looking forward to tryout some Kerala style sambar and other recipes but this require some optimisations. Our experiment with the VADI MATTA rice was a failure and need some tuning with the quantity of water and time for cooking. We enjoyed the less messy silent cooking experience. We will update with a few kerala recipes.

- Max